How many pounds can you lose in a week

whether it is possible to lose weight in a week

How many pounds can you lose in a week and is it realistic to burn as much fat as possible in such a short time? Some people weigh the desired figure of 5 kg, and for some it is not enough - they want more and go on a fast diet, deprive themselves of food to fit into new jeans or look good for a birthday. Are such ways to put the number in order justified?

Since any restrictions that lead to a lack of valuable substances in the body have nothing to do with proper nutrition, we do not advise you to make an effort and deprive yourself of energy. Drastic measures cannot lead to a stable result - only to sad consequences for your health and the work of the whole organism.

How many kg can you lose in a week: looking for the right method

What entrepreneurs who are ready to make money on your figure do not promise anything - minus 5, 10, and even 15 kg in seven days. Is there any truth in these beliefs? It depends on what you want to get rid of. From fat? Then look at how express methods actually work.

For starters, dealing with the extra pounds and reserves that have gone into the fat layer that has been accumulating in our body for years is not exactly the same thing. Under the mask of a heavy load of two or three kilograms, water or waste can come out. You can "lose weight" by drinking a laxative or diuretic, but this is not our goal, because everything that needs to be burned will remain in place.

how to lose weight

The only way to say goodbye to hated fat once and for all is to burn in your own body, creating an energy deficit. Then all this building material from our hips, legs and waist will disappear - so that we can live a full active life. To do this, you need to change your attitude towards rest and physical activity (move more) and diet - exclude from it food that becomes a "brick" for new pounds, add more whole foods, do not overeat.

Keep in mind that we never said you should schedule fasting days or refuse food altogether. Why? To answer this question, let’s understand what the impact of such drastic measures is on the picture.

  • Those who write about how many pounds you can lose in a week due to fasting are unlikely to talk about the features of such a “universal” method with unpredictable consequences. The first thing a person decides to cut off the supply of nutrients to the body is to limit their daily calorie intake. Moreover, it is very strong - up to 500-600 kcal, which leads to exhaustion.
  • What happens when we are deprived of food? Energy for life should be taken from somewhere - in this case, from carbohydrate reserves. It is stored as glycogen bound to water. So when you lose weight, it’s the one that goes away, and the fat stays in the “buckets”.

Now imagine the following: in the beginning we ate a lot and generously, and then we realized that and decided to lose weight - for example, for a vacation or a summer vacation. It is necessary to get rid of 5-7 kg - urgently and with a guarantee that nothing will return. We refuse to eat or organize an “unloading” for our body - we practically don’t eat.

However, we still have those leftovers that didn’t have time to digest. Different foods are absorbed in different ways, so it goes without saying that the inside is empty and that energy consumption due to fat has started. Only with a normal diet - several times a day - some "leftovers" gradually replace others, and with restrictions and starvation they become less and less - until they disappear completely.

What's going on?

  • First, we lose weight - that is, we lose water, as mentioned above. Initially - 1-2 kg for a couple of days.
  • Because this loss is one-time, after a week or after five days (depending on how long the chosen method is calculated) the weight stops decreasing.

Conclusion: a stable result can be obtained only with a proper diet - regular and balanced. Everything else is short-term weight loss due to water loss, not fat. How to lose as much weight as possible in a week? Go for a healthy diet and start small. Don't chase a number that is unattainable - set yourself only achievable tasks. It will not be possible to jump over your head, but gaining health problems is quite enough.

What are the consequences of extreme weight loss

  • Imagine this situation: before going south, you forbade yourself for a long time all the dearest and most delicious, you became a little slimmer. Then they attacked the forbidden sweets. The result is severe abdominal cramps, a diseased pancreas and liver. All of this could have been avoided had there not been a sharp transition from hunger to gluttony.
  • Another problem that lies in the waiting of all supporters of radical measures - weight loss in a short time gets not the expected relief, but the skin hanging in the folds.
  • Severe abdominal pain can occur not only due to overeating, but also due to a sudden decrease in the amount of healthy fats (from vegetable oils, avocados, etc. ). And this is one of the basic conditions of many fast diets. The result of such deprivation is the formation of stones in the gallbladder, followed by fever, nausea and cramps.

So decide for yourself what is more important to you - get rid of 5-10 kilograms quickly or be healthy.

How many kg can you lose in a week: without salt and fat

how many pounds you can lose in a week

Another tip that can be found online is to completely eliminate salt from your diet. What's the catch? After all, this is white death, and its excess has never made anyone slimmer or happier. We agree, but here’s the other side of the coin - what we usually generously add to salads, soups, main dishes, contributes to water retention in the body. As soon as we stop that, all the liquid disappears. And this is about 0, 3 -0, 5 kg of our weight. Again, these losses again have nothing to do with fat removal.

It turns out that all attempts to find out how many kilograms you can lose in a week and how to lose as much weight during that time are doomed to failure, because there is no ideal option, and the weight will go extremely slowly? The fact is that it is foolish to expect an amazing result during that time. In fact, in the first seven days the body only gets rid of excess fluid. In order for the effect to be stable, it is necessary to switch to a proper diet and monitor calorie intake - otherwise we will only get it.

So what about salt: is it there or not? We recommend that you reduce its consumption, but do not get rid of it completely.

So let's summarize. Approximately 1000 g can be thrown away due to glycogen associated with water that has left the body, another 2000 is waste, about 0, 5 kg will disappear if we stop salting the dishes on the table. Total: about 4 kg. Again, this is not greasy.

How many pounds can you lose in a week: a little about energy consumption

Here’s another example: we decided to lose weight, starve and create a 100% energy deficit. As a result, our body is trapped - charging from the outside no longer comes, and it is necessary to expend energy. Just where to get them?

how much energy is expended in the body

Let's figure out what our energy costs are:

  • Metabolism.That is, to keep life in a calm state, without active action. For example, when we relax on the couch.
  • For digestion. Everything that enters our stomach during the day must be digested and assimilated. And this also requires strength - their body takes in those calories it receives daily.
  • For physical activity. This includes not only classes in the gym, but also walking, cleaning the house - any movement.

Imagine that the maximum weight loss in a week while losing weight is all the fat that our body will burn in the energy deficit. The cost depends not only on whether we are or not, but also on gender, age and the original figure on the scales.

For example, a woman weighing about 60 kg, who wants to lose 5 kg in a week, will lose 172 g per day, and up to 1 kg per week - if she completely refuses to eat. In that case, the loss will be "half-and-half" - 50% muscle and 50% fat.

Why is this happening? The body tries to keep the accumulated and hidden in buckets by hook or deception and gets rid of what requires the most energy - after all, there is no filling. Therefore, it begins to expend muscle mass to ensure the normal functioning of internal organs - heart, lungs, brain, etc.

The answer to the question of how many pounds you can lose from hunger a week is not that big. You will lose most of the muscle layer, and this is burdened by premature aging of the body and a decrease in metabolic rate. Yes, we can get rid of a total of 5 kg in a week - but it will be water with a low fat content. Obese people have a lot of fluid in their body and can lose more - for example, about 7 kg, limiting themselves. But the effect of fasting is not worth depriving oneself of food - it cannot be stable, and constant refusals are not good for us.

Remember that after every strict restriction, a breakdown occurs - the period "I'm tired of everything, I want to eat", which returns to the initial indicators. So prepare yourself mentally in advance for the fact that in a week you will not be able to lose as many pounds as possible. And gradually losing weight, adhering to a proper diet and calculating the calorie content in each serving is easy and simple.

How much can we lose in 7 days

Total - from 2 to 5 kg, of which half is water and waste, and only about 1 kg of fat. We remind you that the intensive removal of all excess begins only in the second or third week, when the surface layer of all accumulated "reserves" disappears, and behind it disappears what has accumulated during the long years of overeating.

What is the rate of weight loss per week when losing weight - 1 kg or 5? It's different for everyone. The optimal indicator is calculated taking into account age, sex, body characteristics, metabolic processes, existing health problems, weight. And you can’t try to lose more by exhausting yourself with hunger strikes - that way you’ll only create new problems, while the old ones won’t go anywhere.

What ultimate weight loss can lead to

to which extreme diets lead

The result of radical methods of throwing everything away and immediately becomes a worsening of well-being, worsening of old diseases and the appearance of new ones:

  • functional bowel disorders (constipation, diarrhea);
  • appearance of acne;
  • relaxed skin;
  • slowing of metabolism;
  • weakness;
  • fatigue;
  • gastritis, ulcers and other diseases of the digestive tract;
  • liver and kidney disorders;
  • decreased brain activity.

And this is not a complete list. Take care of your health - lose weight properly, not fast.

Is it possible to lose weight in 1 week and how to achieve a stable effect

So we found that in 7 days you can lose weight, however, the fat in the remaining pounds will only be about 13-16%. This result is not perfect. In addition, a sharp drop is possible only with fasting or severe restrictions. It turns out that you are deliberately torturing your body to get rid of fluids, muscle mass and only in the end from those reserves that can and should be "burned".

Our option for those who want to know the rate of weight loss per week while losing weight - a rational approach based on maintaining health, controlling daily calories and a healthy diet. It is simple, pleasant (unlike many diets), and most importantly - good for your health and shape.

Remember that your task is to consolidate the result for many years. The rush will not give it - it will only make the situation worse and give false hope. The weight loss rate per week can be a few hundred grams, but this is just the beginning of the right path that will lead you to a slim figure.

Our experts will tell you how to lose weight properly - without your body experiencing starvation and fasting days, but working in new conditions - without overeating and energizing with harmful products. Losing extra pounds is not a reason to give up your favorite foods and daily stress. Come to us and see for yourself.